Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meandering Butterflies

It was a long arm action night! The fabulous log cabin quilt is getting done!

So, last time, I mentioned that I was going to think about how I would quilt this one.
After looking at it for a bit, I notice that there were butterflies in some of the light strips. I thought a cute idea for the all-over design would be to meander and outline some of the butterflies, as though the meandering lines were their flight paths.

Meandering, or stippling, is a classic pattern to use to cover a quilt. I added some loops in the design in order to make it look more like casual, fluttering flight paths.

Every now and then, when I came across one, a butterfly would be outlined in order to accent them and tie them into their flights.

I only have a little more quilting to do on this one and then it's off to the owner for binding and gifting! I love being part of the process!

What are you quilting this summer?

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