Friday, July 5, 2013

Paper Piecing

A while back, I started blocks for a paper piecing project. Here's what i had for the starting pieces.

I was inspired to make a bunch more blocks. I find that after the first couple of blocks are done it is much easier to do the next ones in line. You don't have to think about the pattern as hard and the color setting goes more quickly. Now there's a pile, much of the back is cleared of the paper, and things get real fun!

Here's some pointers for putting paper pieced blocks together. (these tips can apply to regular pieced blocks too)

The first thing I do is layout the entire project so I know where to sew the seams.  

In order to make the points in the blocks line up, I put the right sides together and stick a pin through the corner marks in both layers. 

Check the back to make sure the pin is in the right spot! Then I pin along the whole side. 

I can sew the edge line with confidence! Use a close stitch; I use no longer than a 2.5 length. 

The paper can come off along those stitched seams. I found folding it over and finger pressing the edge helps a lot. 

Carefully tear the paper away. I try to ease it away from the stitches but leaving the unstitched lines in tact for when they are needed on the next seam. 

Now's a good time to trim the fabric edges that are looking straggly. 

Seeing the front gives plenty of smiles! Then, I repeat the process until everything is together ...

... And we get something like this! Sparkie approves!

I really love the look of this one! It reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope. I can't wait to see it when it's full size! Have you made a paper piecing project? 

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