Friday, July 19, 2013

The Scrap Pile

I did some paper piecing tonite. The blue flowers are growing in number!
Paper piecing can make a lot of scraps and waste a lot of thread. What can you do with those scraps that pile up but are too big to throw out? Make scrap blocks! 

In between each paper piece line, pull the pattern ahead just enough so you can slip a couple of scraps under the needle. Then sew the scrap pieces together. This will save thread and give you more results when you turn off the machine for the night! And it's fun to dig through the scraps to see what can be saved from the trash! 

As you trim up the edges of your paper pieced lines, set your scraps together according to length and shape. I had short, medium, long, and triangular piles. Then you can start grabbing them to make scrappy "crazy" blocks.

Here's some blocks that I made. All I did was sew scraps together. I tried to not put the same colors next to each other.
And this started out as two rows but looked much more interesting when they were sewn together! I will probably cut it in half and make two blocks out of it.

Aren't they fun? All that material was repurposed instead of being tossed into the trash.

Now, onto the long arm work!  The talented Cathy Kilby gave me a purple log cabin quilt that needs quilting. It's a big one! I draped it over the long arm so I can look at it. She has a great eye for color and placement. Don't you agree?

I am thinking about quilting pattern options. I will definitely use purple variegated thread on it! More to come on this project soon!

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