Sunday, July 28, 2013

BKF Update

My Blue Kaleidoscope Flower quilt top is growing from a bouquet into a field!

It looking so good. And it's not even fully together yet! Do you like this look? 

The four blocks along the edges are ready to be sewn and the four corner blocks still need to be completed. They are only pieced up to number three out of eleven. 

I love how the edges of the pieces can be all jagged and over-shaped but in the end, the block looks amazing!

A few more crazy scrap blocks were made and squared up yesterday. They will be nice additions to my pile! It's so cool to make two things at a time.

I sat down with my box of thread and the handy-dandy Singer Side Winder yesterday and filled up a whole bunch of bobbins. 

Now it feels like I'm ready for anything!

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