Monday, July 22, 2013

Crazy Strip Blocks

I've been talking about making useable blocks out of scrap pieces that would typically go with the trash.

Take a look in your throw-out bag and pull out the strips that have sewable surface areas.

Now place them next to your machine to grab and sew when you finish a seam on another piece. This is called an "ender." For really narrow strips, you can sew the strips on light fabric, thin paper such as phone book paper, wax paper, or tracing paper for more stability.

It's interesting to see some scrap blocks come out as though they've been planned and measured. 

The one in the upper left looks like a sailboat. The hourglass blocks were scrap triangles that fit together nicely. The pinwheel is delightfully wonky!

Some of the blocks come out more wild and abstract.

But when they're all trimmed (and the paper is removed from the back) they are pretty amazing to look at! So far, I have 15 done, all made from leftover scraps!

I think they're all great! Which ones do you like best?

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