Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And the results are...

Good ones!

My Hawaiian quilted wall hanging was not a winner. That was a last minute decision to submit and I only did it because I think it's pretty. :)

Much to my surprise, my Double Delight queen size quilt did not get a ribbon at all. I really thought this one would do well. The judges did make a comment on my card "good piecing". I'll take that!

Some of you thought this pillow was a blue ribbon-er, but it wound up with a red. Second place holds merit in my book.

But my New York Beauty panel pillow got a blue! Hooray!

On to the knitting. This sweater pulled in third place. I had issues with my collar and I probably should have put on more buttons. That's probably what doomed it to not do better.

The vest landed a blue! I really love this vest. It was supposed to be a sweater but I lost steam in making it and didn't want to do the sleeves, thus christening it into vest-dom.

The knitting machine sweater won a blue! I really do love the way this came out and wear it in the winter months.

Fair Isle mittens grabbed a red and the socks brought in a blue. Again, a little surprised as to what kept the mittens from doing better. Hopefully there is a comment on my card.

I was so excited to see that my Ringing In The New Year "baby" quilt got a red! Makes it all worth the effort in creating the pattern and making the quilt. Now I can say I'm an award winning quilter!

Here's a bit of the competition - The top placing quilt is an applique red and white. Very nice!  I hope the maker of this one (I didn't see the name) brings it to State!

My niece had entered some photographs. Here's one of hers I found. And look, it is a ribbon winner! We must be related! Good job, Liz!

So that's my update on the results from the fair. How much fun was that? Thanks for following along and rooting for my pieces to win! If you get to the fair, look for the Lewis Building to see all of these entries and many, many other beautiful pieces. Can't wait 'til 2014! I got plans already!!!

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