Monday, August 12, 2013

Adirondack Museum

We finally got there! Much to my delight, they had a building with antique quilts from the upstate New York area.

Here's a few of the exhibits that caught my eye.
There was something I really like about this one. It might have been the colors - they are ones I love to use!

The one on the wall looks like it would fit in to anyone's room today, but it was made in 1853. The one on the bed is a wholecloth quilt that, even though it's hard to see here, was absolutely beautiful.

Applique quilts showing things the north country has to do. I like the croquet one on the top left! I am a sucker for samplers!

Can you even stand this treadle machine? It was in superior condition!

There was much more to see around the museum. This is only one of the many buildings housing amazing artifacts from times past. Have you been there? What was your favorite display?

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