Friday, August 16, 2013

Wrap-up Aug 16th '13

This week has been handled a bit different in ThistleFire, since my DH and I were on vacation. We were out and about, going places, doing things, and enjoying the beautiful weather. I managed to get a few things done on the rainy day and later in the evenings after all other activities wound down. 

FMQ Experiment Sandwich - There was a nice looking FMQ on Leah Day's project, of which I link up with, at that caught my eye. It was found in the hair of a woman on a quilt and I really liked the way it flowed. When I was making it, I thought it would look great as waves or air currents in a quilt. I already have it in mind where I'll be using this one!

Blue Kaleidoscope Flowers - The four sides are sewn together. It was done in two sessions since I was distracted by making up some more crazy strip blocks!

Crazy Strip Blocks - Four more are done. The count is up to thirty!

Apple Core Sunset - I hand sewed another row of the sunset. I have four more rows to go, not three as implied in the picture. 

This is nice to have around to pick up and work on while in the chair or out on the porch. It also goes together fast. Nice for a little something to do during down time after dinner. I came to quickly realize that I cannot sew in the car; it makes me woozy. One product that was recommended by a friend was Thread Heaven thread conditioner. That stuff really does keep hand sewing thread from knotting up on you. Glad I got some to use on this!
Winding Ways Retro Throw - Getting to this point was a bit of a challenge for me. I didn't have templates to make the border pieces go from curved to straight. There was one template I had for another curved project that worked just right for the corners so that was a happy accident! I managed to figure out how to make an original template for the center sections and cut them out in their prospective colors. 
I am very pleased with how this is coming out so far! I plan to add red and turquoise borders in order to make it larger. So far it is only about 30" X 40" and I'd like to see it larger as a "throw" size, such as 50" X 60", as my project name suggests.

YouTube Videos - Yes, I started a YouTube channel! I hope you enjoy watching them as I share thoughts, reviews, lessons, and more. Here is my first video as I encourage you to Sew with me!
If you would like to see any specific topics, let me know! This is pretty exciting for me. I have plenty of things to say about sewing. Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything!

Some fabulous things came in the mail this week. See this post for all the details and video!

That's my week's wrap up. Pretty intense, isn't it?! What are you working on these days? I'd love to get your links to pictures here or on posted onto my Facebook page!

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