Friday, August 23, 2013

Wrap Up August 23 '13

This week has been so fun in ThistleFire! I had a few major peaks in some projects and others were on hold. C'est la vie! Here's the latest-

Winding Ways Throw - we have a sandwich! Yes! This one has a front...

And an interesting, creative looking back. This was developed according to the methods given on Creative Quilt Backs on Craftsy. I like it!
I have WW on the long arm but have to finalize the quilting direction for it. But I have ideas! And can you envision this about four times this size for a queen sized bed? Wow! Maybe someday...
Apple Core Sunset - five rows done and one to go before the sky is half-way pieced. 
You can start to see the look of a sunset in there. Next, the long sides of the cores need to be sewn together. Sparkie thinks it will be nice to lay on. Haha!
FMQ Practice Panel - I do believe the items I received in Leah Day's ultimate quilting kit has made a noticeable difference in my FMQ work. My stitches seem much more even and consistent. What do you think? Is it looking better? Speaking of Leah, I'm linking up with her FMQ Friday post! Hi everyone who is checking out my post from there!!!

If you have a Supreme Slider, you will recognize these practice patterns!

This cabling pattern was from a template. The travel stitching is barely noticeable. That alone makes me happy with my new FMQ "tools" that I am now using.

I made some happy faces by the date, August 18, which is a date that is important to me. =)

BKF - my blue kaleidoscope flowers waited patiently to be sewn on, but there was no time this week. I recently learned to paper piece with freezer paper and I am thinking about continuing with that method and how it is that I could pull that off. Mwah-ha-ha! 

Crazy Strip Blocks - I have 30 blocks made so far. None were made this week. They are bonus blocks that are made from scraps cut off of BKF so if I don't work on that, then these pretty much aren't made either. It will be interesting to see how many I wind up with when BKF is done being pieced. I do have more of those blocks to complete so I'll make some more of these.

YouTube Video - my thoughts were all about cutting tools this week. Hope you get some ideas from it!
So that's it for this week! I am enjoying making these wrap ups. If there's anything you'd like to see in a video or have comments for me, please let me know! I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by ThistleFire! Sew with me!

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