Friday, August 30, 2013

Wrap Up August 30 '13

Another week has gone by. What have you done in your sewing room? This week, ThistleFire has many projects in the works. Here's all of my updates!

SSQC - this is the Club I go to - Second Saturday Quilting Club is beginning year 8 in a couple weeks. We have prep work to do for class 1.
This is for the mystery project we will work on at class. My main color is purple. Yay!

I am also signed up for the Round Robin project and the Sampler Quilt Project. Here is what I made for the Sampler. I LOVE samplers! I had to choose my favorite colors and I picked turquoise and peach. I'll show my block, the Crossed Ohio Star, to the other quilters and they will make a block to go with it but I can't look at any of them until June. Can't wait to see what my sampler will look like!

Winding Ways Throw - This has been an interesting progression. I'm trying out some techniques I learned in Craftsy classes.

The quilt is on the long arm and I came up with these ideas for the narrow border design. Wanting to keep curves in the motifs, I chose the top one.

Here it is quilted on the red border.

I wanted to make the circles predominate the top's design. I decided to put three stitched circles in each of them. You can see them: one in the center, one around the edge, and one in-between them. There is crossover with the lines on the half where the light and dark overlap. I'm likin' it!


Apple Core Sunset - All the sky strips are together and they need to be connected. Then the green grassy field will be added to the bottom of it.

I wish I took this in the correct "landscape" layout. If you tip your head over your right shoulder, you can make out the view. LOL Next week's image will be better!

FMQ Practice Panel - Hi fellow FMQ-ers seeing my post from the link with FMQ Friday at Leah Day's site!  I did a couple of my own ideas from sketches this week.
This was supposed to look organic and fern-like but I think it looks more like a scorpion. What do you think of it? Not sure I like it.

I do like these though. Little yellow flowers attached in a string. It's fun and pretty and reminds me of summer. I found that sewing them while moving side to side gave better results than when sewing up and down.

My practice panel is full! I could squeeze more stuff in it if I really want to but I think I'll leave it just the way it is. I like the fact I can see my progress in my FMQ ability over the time I took to make this. Some of my early stitches are just terrible but you can also see better stitches in the piece.

Here's the back. It looks good too!

BKF - All of the corner blocks were made and the edging strips are sewn together. They are pinned along on the sides where they need to be stitched.

Crazy Strip Blocks - Since BFK was worked on, I made more crazy blocks. The one on the bottom needs to be pressed and cut to size, obviously! These are such a riot to make! I did a short video about them.

YouTube Video - Yes, it's about how I go about making the crazy blocks.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I'd love to hear your thoughts on my updates! If you like what you see, please follow my blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you want to post something for me to see, you can do that at my Facebook page, Pamelyn's Postings. Have a fantastic holiday weekend! See you next week................


Muv said...

Hello Pamelyn,

Your FMQ practice panel looks like great fun, and it must be really pleasing to see how much easier it has been getting as you have filled it in. Don't worry about that scorpion. Try and imagine it is an exotic orchid.


Pamelyn B said...

Hi Muv! Oooh, an orchid? Yes! I'll think of it that way from now on!