Friday, August 9, 2013

Wrap-up August 9th '13

I just realized that I usually have quite a few projects in the works and it would make sense to do a weekly wrap-up of the progress of each one, starting with the oldest project's progress and ending with the newest ones. I will label these posts as "Wrapup" so you could click on that in the Labels menu on the right side of the blog to find them all easily. It will be fun monitoring the progress what's happening in ThistleFire!

FMQ Experiment Sandwich - The sandwich has several sections on it with open space to try out FMQ stitches. The last one I put on it was the twisted ribbon and applique.

Blue Kaleidoscope Flowers - BKF has been set aside while other things are being done. This is an in-the-wings quilt project, ready for me when I'm ready to work on it some more. The blocks of the four outer rows are ready to be sewn together.

Crazy Strip Blocks - These are fun blocks to make from leftover fabric from other projects. Mine are being made out of the paper piece scraps from BKF and are all cut into 4-1/2" blocks. I plan to use them all over the back side of that quilt to give it a more interesting look. Last count, I have 26 of them! Here's some of them.

Apple Core Sunset - This is an interpretation of a sunset using the Apple Core pieces. The cores are cut, the row pieces are pinned in their order, and I am hand stitching them. I gave a short tutorial about that. Sometimes I want to sit in my living room and sew.

Curvy Placemat - DONE! The set of placemats were a really fun project to do. Sewing curves seems intimidating but it really isn't once you get the know-how. The FMQ was echo around the flowers and part of an 8-point star in the solid sections. See more at this post.

Winding Ways Retro Throw - Taking curve piecing to the next level, Winding Ways is the block to make that happen! I really like the look of the big circles that surround the blocks and played it up by keeping the edge curved instead of squared off. I am very happy with this project and look forward to finishing it up! Here it is laid out on my design wall... or should I say design floor.

So there you have it - my many projects and their progress. Check back each week (every Friday or Saturday) to see what has been given attention, what is done, and what has waited. There will be new projects that I will be working on as well that will be added to the list. I hope you enjoy visiting my sewing room, ThistleFire. Leave me your comments and come on back again anytime!

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