Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Got Great Mail

Here's what was delivered to my door today.

I made up a video with thoughts and reviews of these items. If you don't have the 10 minutes to watch it, just keep reading. :)

From Leah Day's store to me- the Supreme Slider, Little Magic Bobbin Genies, and Machinger's Gloves. They are all fabulous. I have noticed a better FMQ experience. Glad I ordered them!

And from Kimmy Brunner's store- the nested circle and melon template sets. These will be monumental in stepping up quilting designs on the regular and long arm machines. I can't wait to get them in use!

This baby didn't come in the mail but I wanted to show it. Fons & Porter Mechanical Compressed Chalk Marking Pen. So easy to use and see the marks on fabric. It brushes off when you're done. They are at Joanne's - get it!

What treasure have you bought for your sewing room lately? Recommendations or disappointments are ok here.

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