Sunday, August 18, 2013

Necessity Brings Forth Invention

You've heard that saying. I probably didn't quote it exactly but the idea is the same. I had an issue and had to come up with a way to fix it.

I've begun to realize the importance of quality thread. Especially in the world of FMQ. It will improve your stitch integrity and craftsmanship. The thread I recently began buying is Isacord, as recommended and sold by by Leah Day. 

It sews like a dream but the issue I had was it didn't sit upright on my machine's spool holder. The inside of the cone is spacious and it would tilt off to one side. 

This didn't keep me from sewing with it. It just bugged me. Who's with me?

I came home with this contraption one day. It looks very pro like next to my machine! But I found the thread would twist more than I liked when it was pulled upwards, instead of more straight when being spun off the spool. Nope, that contraption wasn't going to help me. 

I was laying in bed last night and it just popped into my head, "try putting a straw over the spool post to lengthen it." So today, I got one of my bendy straws and amazingly, it fit perfectly over the post. Now the spool stands much straighter. Joy!

I was going to trim down the straw but it looks so much more fun this way. Don't ya think?

So that was my big lightbulb-on invention today. Maybe I can market them! Anyone want to send me a buck for the ThistleFire Spool Post Extender? Probably not since you already have a box of them in your kitchen drawer! Have a great day today - sew with me!

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