Friday, August 2, 2013

FMQ and other fun stuff!

I've been a follower of the Free Motion Quilting Project with Leah Day for over a year and a half now. Her videos have taught me so much about FMQ and even if I don't do every project she offers, the ideas are ready to come in handy other times.

I also have become quite pleased with Craftsy and the wonderful things they have to offer. The last video series I began watching was about Curve Sewing by Ann Peterson. She is a fabulous teacher!

So, what did I free motion quilt this week? I am working on a set of summery, fun placemats that put both those skills to use.
The FMQ is in the flowered panels - all outlined echo filler, leaving the flowers unstitched.
It even looks cute on the back!
The latest four rows for Blue Kaleidoscope Flowers has been set aside for now. I have other things I have to finish first. It's great to have this project in the wings, waiting for me when I am ready to plug away at it again. 

Recently, I saw a gorgeous photo of a sunrise over a green field. I thought it may be pretty to piece it out in the apple core cuts. These babies are going along with me in long car rides and I'll hand stitch them when I am away from Thistlefire (my sewing room).

I managed to squeak out a couple more of the scrap blocks. It's great to save fabric scraps from going into the trash!

I don't know if you have the same Joann's sales I do but the Singer Dress Form was my big score yesterday with 60% off the regular price! Now I can fit homemade things for myself better. My dog couldn't stop barking at it for a while but I had her on my lap as I made the measurement adjustments and she learned it wasn't as ominous as it first appeared to her.

So that's what I was up to this week. How about you? Share the links to your blog posts here or share your pics at my Facebook page! Have a creative day!

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