Monday, September 16, 2013

Challenge - A Quilt Assembly

Someone asked me if I can take the blocks and fabric for her quilt and put it together. Yes, I can!

Here's the progress so far.

I got a bag with a bunch of really pretty star blocks in it...

And a pile of super dark blue fabric for the sashing and borders.

So I pressed and measured the blocks. They weren't all the same size but I got the most stacks of 10-1/2 and 11 inch blocks. There's what I'll use for the top!

Out comes the paper for a layout. 

Then I got out the tools for cutting the solid fabric

Cutting can be scary, especially when you realize you did it wrong. Fortunately, that didn't happen! It's a good thing because this is all the blue I had left when I was done piecing it out. Not much!

So after all that planning, I wound up with four great looking panels. 

They will have more blue sashing in between each one and 12" borders on the outer edges. 

Do you love it? it has a stained glass window effect with the dark pieces around the light blocks. it really makes them pop! So far, so good! This will be a queen sized quilt when it's done. More to come on this one.

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Yarncrafter said...

These are gorgeous. Am amazed what you did with having two different sizes of blocks. I'm impressed. If I had made these blocks, and wound up with blocks of two different sizes, I'm afraid I would not have known to do something like this. I'm so glad I saw this, in case I'm ever faced with odd sizes, maybe in can come up with a different layout to make it work. I'm afraid if this had been mine, I would have chucked it, and what a waste. Well, I probably would have made the blocks into something else like a table runner using all of the one sized blocks. I would not have thought about using different sized ones. Thank you for this idea to tuck away in case I may need it. You did an awesome job, I've seen the finished quilt. Congrats.