Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun stuff

The Knights of Columbus fall craft show is coming soon and I will be there!

One thing I was playing around with was FMQ on wild fabric. This led to some cute, fun results. 

This funky fish fabric was covered with a variety of FMQ patterns. I let the fabric help me with what was put on it. This panel was covered with wavy lines and outlines of the fish and graphics. 

This piece has the undertow pattern and more outlining. 

They were trimmed up, the ends got binding, and the adges were sewn together to make....

Custom eyeglass pouches!
You'd never loose track of your glasses in these things! 

I think these are so cute and will be a fun addition to my craft table. Come to the show at KofC in Latham on October 5th from 9-4. I will be in the outdoor tent. 

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