Sunday, September 22, 2013

BKF Update

The top is together! I inadvertently arranged the blocks different than the instructions said to do them. I knew something was up when the corner blocks met with flowers instead of a flower to the leaves. My center should have been a flower cluster instead of a leaf cluster. But you know what? I like it better this way!

A picture says a lot! So here it is-

It looks rectangular in the lower pic but it is actually 56" square. Once the final outer border (a very dark blue) and binding is on it will be a 60" square. That would make a lovely tablecloth! Or an unbelievable throw or child's quilt.
So have you messed up a layout in a project? Did you like the final happy accident or was it seam ripper or trash bin time?

1 comment:

Ivory Spring said...

Love love love that crisp look of the points! Good job.