Friday, September 6, 2013

Wrap Up - September 6 '13

Welcome back to another wrap up! I'm linked with Leah Day's Free Motion Friday - hi everyone who is visiting me from there!

ThistleFire is one of my favorite rooms to be in. I managed to overhaul the space and really get things organized. It looks so much better and I can actually FIND THINGS when I need them! It must be in the air! We're all getting things put in their places.

One addition I launched on my blog is the tab for the Sewer's Spotlight. There is one person featured in there right now with several more in the wings. Check it out!

Here's the progress from this past week.

SSQC - Our club's first meeting is on the 14th! Can't wait to see everyone! An optional project that we will be working on in the club requires a completed "center panel, any size as long as it is square" to be brought to class. This panel will be worked on by other club members throughout the year. Here's what I have started for this project.
Yes, I know it's round but it will be square by the time it's done! You can learn how to make this pattern too, if you are in Craftsy. Look for the Precision Piecing class.

Winding Ways Throw / FMQ - I managed to get the long arm quilting done. The rippling circles are a nice feature and show up just great on the back on the red. I plan to do more quilting in the larger outer border and in the small pieces outlining the center circles. I think simple outlining the small pieces would be enough. The outer border will get funky curved line stars.

Apple Core Sunset - Nothing was done on my sunset panel this week. It just sat in its box waiting for me. My puppy thought it would be big fun to steal my spool of purple thread but I got it back before she did anything tragic to it!

Blue Kaliedescope Flowers - Oh, I just love the way this looks a little more each time it gets worked on. Two of the four edges were attached. I'll get to the next two this weekend. They need to be match point pinned before the sewing is done.

Can you say "wow" with me? Carol Doak came up with a winner with this pattern!  

Part of the seam was really thick and I thought it was because I was at an 8-point corner. As I
unfolded the panels, I realized that it was NOT an 8-point corner, it was a 12-point corner! Yikes! Thanks to paper piecing, it lined up nicely each time.

You Tube Video - "Basic Sewing Class #1: Preparations" Several people have mentioned that they were interested in learning how to sew. If I had the time, I'd love to go around and hold classes but what I can do is offer video classes. This is some direction on getting prepared, along with some homework!
Isn't it funny how the thumbnail usually chooses a ridiculous looking photo?
I love to hear your comments. I get so few of them! I hope you are inspired to sew with me!  

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Quiltin Jenny said...

Oh, that Winding Ways quilt is fantastic! I haven't done much with curved piecing but it is on my list. Pinning this for motivation!