Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apple Core Sunset Idea

Remember when I was working on this?

Here's an option for apple core sunset. 

It needs a sailboat, don't ya think?

This would make an amazing kid's quilt. I'll present the idea to someone who asked me for a sailboat quilt for her new grandson!

That's what I'm playing with for Apple Core Sunset.


Yarncrafter said...

I think the "water"should come before the green grass, so you would go from grass to water to sunset over the water. Just my opinion, course I live near the beach too. I love the sailboat idea. Love the apple core pieces too. Love how the colors all blend together. Great job.

Pamelyn B said...

Thanks, Rae! I think I'll add another layer to the bottom. It needs to be longer.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it literally looks like the sun is coming through!! And the sailboat was a marvelous addition. (Linda of Linda's Landscapes)