Friday, October 11, 2013

Wrap Up October 11 '13

I did a lot of things in ThistleFire this past week. Hope you enjoy peeking in on it all!

Craft Show - at the Knights of Columbus in Latham. Someone bought my Purple RITY quilt! (it's on the lower right corner of the picture)

Coat Lining Repair - actually, it was a lining insertion. Out with the old ripped lining and in with a new gorgeous one! And I made a scarf to match with leftover fabric. Way too pretty to toss!

Apple Core Sunset - this sky is going to be part of a baby quilt! Here is what I was playing with for a layout of the center panel.

FMQ Practice - I had big aspirations to stitch out FMQ patterns. So far, I have three done!

So far, so good! I hope you are enjoying your time in your sewing room. Lots to do before the holidays. Come on back to see me again!

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