Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time to Quilt Apple Core Sunset

This is a custom made quilt for a special baby boy who was named after his grandpa. Unfortunately, they never had the chance to meet; grandpa lost the battle with brain cancer years ago. But the power of family is an amazing thing. It survives. It remembers. It lives on.

It was asked of me if his name and birthdate could be stitched into the waters of the quilt. How could I refuse? When you look into the sea, the foam spells it out.

An additional section was added to the lower section of the quilt to get it to length. This is a crib size blanket measuring out at 40" X 60".

I chose a nice sturdy blue print for the back of the quilt to survive the many launderings to come. I think it will look great on both sides! Don't you? 

On the rollers it goes. I love getting to the point when it's time to fire up the long arm! I foresee what I'll be doing in my immediate future.
If you would like a custom made quilt, please contact me! We'll get it done!

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