Saturday, October 12, 2013

Round Robin Blocks

In my quilting club, we have 2 long term  projects going on.

In one, you chose two colors, made a block, bagged it up and then passed it on to someone else in the club. That person makes a block to go with yours. This is done until our last meeting and in June we will get our bag back full of blocks to make a quilt top with. Fun, huh?!!!

This is the one I did for my person. 
Greek Cross!

It matched up next to her original block, a pinwheel, quite well. Now it's tucked away in her bag and ready to be swapped over to the next quilter at out club meeting on Saturday. 

I wonder what's in my bag. 

The other one is a block that needs a border added to it. Here's what I added to the one I got. 
The lady who made this is my craft show partner in crime. :)  I hope she likes the ocean because my border was covered with waves of the sea. The yellow corner blocks keep it bright. I think it looks nice!

Have you participated in a round robin? Did you enjoy it?

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