Friday, October 4, 2013

Wrap Up - October 4 '13

I have been focusing on putting the final touches on some things for the craft show I'll be at tomorrow. The business card receipts are printed. The produce name tents are packed. The car has all the goodies in it. I think I'm ready to do some selling!

Here's a few things that came out of ThistleFire this week.

BFK Flowers - DONE! This took up most of my time this week. But it was worth it! It's quilted and bound and labeled. All ready to go to the show!
FMQ was added on the flowers, leaves, and borders.

Holiday Runners - Last minute additions for my craft table. They have minimal FMQ that is mostly SID.

OPP - Got a couple of photos from happy recipients. That is a great thing! Seeing your quilts in action.
Jen's Ringing In The New Year

Gail's Blue Star Challenge
There it is. My week in fabric. After this weekend, I'll be focusing on some projects that people want done for the holidays. Got a lot coming up; I hope you'll keep stopping by ThistleFire to see it all!

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