Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue Kaleidoscope Flowers - Quilted

As I have been sharing the BKF project, I have had people ask, "How will you quilt that?" I must admit that I want 100% sure until it was on the longarm. It was like I just had to think about it until the final moment and then it just made sense as to what to do. 

The floral border has what Leah Day named "Shadow Waves" but the dark color hides it pretty thoroughly. That's ok. The center is the part that really shines. 

The flowers needed a little bit of curve to soften them up. 

I felt that the leaves needed a similar feel, only a little more pointy.

In the corners, I added little concentric triangles. Just to make them special. 
See my boo boo? I nixed adding design in the white space around the flowers. I know I could have added paisley or feathers or shells or lots of other fillers but I didn't want to take anything away from the beauty of the flowers. 

Next, the dark blue binding!  I'll do that tomorrow. Then, off it goes to the craft show with me on Saturday! It will look so great on my table. 

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