Friday, October 18, 2013

Wrap Up - October 18 '13

Most of my week was spent on one thing.

Apple Core Sunset / Baby Quilt - You can read about the background to this story at this post.

Appliqued the boat onto the "scenery" panel.

Auditioned and chose a nice dark blue border.

Added a lower section and mounted the sandwich onto the longarm. It's ready for quilting!
I plan to complete it and send it off to its new home in NH next week!

FMQ Practice - Another Leah Day tutorial that I put on my sampler: Cursive Fs. I stitched the top row in from left to right, as though I was using a pen to paper. The second row was stitched in from right to left. I had to analyze the way the letter F was written: up to the right / around and down / loop to the left and repeat. Then, I could figure its opposite and stitch it in backwards: up to the left / around and down / loop to the right and repeat. You can see the opposite slant. It took a few before it was easier and more fluid.
I try to write backwards or upside down or with my non-writing hand. It's no longer writing but drawing and makes the brain think differently.  It can be really fun! I like the way they both look.
Instead of filling my panel with the same thing in each row, I thought it would be good to try out different sizes of Cursive Fs. I like how puffy and textured my fabric became with this pattern. I would have never thought it would do that unless I tried stitching it out for myself.

Here it is inside the outline of a leaf. Nice!

This is a light week for me. But I still want to give a big shout out to all the super sewers who visit me through the FMQ Friday post! I would love to hear from you; please give me a shout back!


Anonymous said...

Backwards, upside down, using non-dominant hand--sounds like great brain puzzles. I'll have to try it.

Pamelyn B said...

Have fun with it! You have to be easy on yourself though. It won't be perfect. Paper practice helps me get used to the feeling of the motion before sewing. It's easier to erase than to seam rip!