Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Auditions for Borders

A make or break time for your project. Picking out the fabric for a border. Time to do some serious auditioning!

I thought this sand color matched, but it's tone was too light. And it looked like sand, which would have been awesome by the shore line of the water, but not around the entire quilt.

Black can be an interesting choice. A nice dark neutral to keep your eyes on the center panel. It was too mature. Close, but I wanted to look for something else.

This mottled blue was better. It gave the dark border that I wanted and still kept it in the baby boy blanket realm.

Yes, this is the right choice! Tomorrow, I'll sew it all on!

Many thanks to all the wonderful colors that tried out for the role of "border" tonight. Perhaps I'll cast you in another audition soon!

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